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Compression Stockings and
Medical Compression Garments

Your Trusted Source for All Your Prescription Compression Garment Needs

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All American Medical Supply Corp is your go-to company for high-quality medical compression stockings and garments paired with the very best customer service.


Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is dedicated to helping you find and learn how to use the best compression stockings available from the leading brands

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Participating Provider

Compression Level 18-30 mm Hg
with a Doctor's Prescription as Medically Necessary


In-Network with a Wide Range of Insurance Plans

We are accredited with many insurance plans, which may cover prescription compression stockings that are medically necessary. Curious if your insurance plan will cover your medical compression garments?


Reach out to our friendly team. We can verify your plan’s coverage and benefits and help you find the right stockings for you.

Get started with All American Medical Supply by calling (516) 216-1707.

Insured by NYSHIP? Learn more here.

Quick Home Delivery of Your Medical Stockings

When you choose All American Medical Supply Corp. for all your compression garment needs, we’ll handle your needs with respect and care as we work to get your order delivered quickly and discreetly. We use trusted shipping carriers FedEx, UPS, and USPS to ensure your order reaches you right when you need it.

Choose From the Leading Compression Stocking Brands

We are proud to carry high-quality medical compression garments from leading brands, including Sigvaris, Jobst, Medi, Knit-Rite TheraFirm, Juzo, and more! Product options are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, so you’re not limited when it comes to your medical compression product needs.

For more information on your compression garments and stockings options, reach
out to us today!

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Compression Stocking FAQs: Answering
Your Top Questions

What are Compression Stockings?


Compression stockings are elastic medical-grade socks that are designed to apply gentle pressure to the lower legs. This pressure may aid in improving blood circulation, reducing leg pain and swelling, and minimizing the risk of blood clots and issues such as DVT (deep vein thrombosis).​


Compression garments are typically prescribed by a doctor or another clinician for these needs and other medical conditions.


Available in various lengths, sizes, materials (such as
cotton, lycra, spandex, and nylon), and a range of levels of compression, compression socks and stockings may be purchased at All American Medical Supply Corp. through insurance with a prescription

Who Needs to Use Compression Stockings?


There are various medical conditions that may lead to the need to wear compression garments, including compression socks, stockings, or wraps. These reasons may include:

  • Circulation problems like lymphedema, venous insufficiency, or risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

  • Varicose Veins

  • Diabetes and related complications

  • Athletic needs

  • Being immobile in bed for long periods of time

  • Pregnancy

  • Aches and pains

  • Standing on the feet for extended periods of time

  • Post-surgery recovery needs

Typically, after a thorough exam, a prescribing healthcare professional may recommend an appropriate compression garment as well as a recommended compression level to help your condition.

If you’ve never worn compression compression socks or stockings before, but are seeking general support for achy or tired legs, come by our location to see which non-prescription options in light or mild compression may be right for you!

How Do Compression Garments Work?

Compression stockings and compression garments work by applying an appropriate degree of compression (pressure) at the needed area, such as the ankle. The pressure eases up as the stockings go up the leg. This can help improve blood flow, reduce swelling, and alleviate general discomfort.

What Are the Most Common Levels of Compression for Compression Stockings?


How do I Put on Compression Stockings?


Putting on compression stockings may be daunting task for some people, such as individuals with back problems, a large abdomen, or limited hand function due to conditions like arthritis. This may be especially true when attempting to put on higher-strength compression garments, such as firm compression stockings.

If you do not have someone like a family member or caregiver who can help you put on your compression garments, one solution to this common problem is to use a compression garment applicator device. There are many such devices available to help with your needs.

How Much Do Compression Stockings Cost?

Some Insurance carriers may not cover the cost for compression stockings, but others do. To determine if your health insurance will cover compression garments and to find out what your potential out-of-pocket cost may be, contact our friendly specialists at All American Medical Supply Corp. We can verify your plan to determine your benefits and figure out how and if your compression product needs will be covered.

For example, NYSHIP, The Empire Plan, does pay for compression stockings at 100% of the allowed charges.

Compression stocking options tend to range in price from $24 up to $150 per pair, depending on the brand, style, compression strength, and material.

Should I Sleep in My Compression Stockings?

It depends on the reason and medical need for wearing your stockings. Typically, for over-the-counter mild to light compression garments, it may be a good idea to take off your stockings overnight to avoid skin damage. However, some people may need to wear their compression socks overnight for medical use.

The best source to discuss the times for wearing your compression stockings will be your prescribing healthcare professional.

Brands We Carry

All American Medical Supply Corp. carries a number of major compression garment brands: Sigvaris, Jobst, Medi, Juzo, and Knit-Rite are available in all sizes and styles!

For more information on Compression Garments & Stockings:
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