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NYSHIP Customer Information

Hello, and thank you for your interest in All American Medical Supply Corp in Massapequa, NY.

If you have been prescribed compression socks or stockings from your doctor, and you would like to become a compression stocking supply customer of All American Medical Supply, please read below.

We would like to let you know that we do not provide custom made compression garments, burn garments, mastectomy fashions, or compression bras.   We only provide Off-the-Shelf (OTS) knee high, thigh high, waist high (pantyhose), maternity pantyhose, chaps style, and arm sleeves.

*Please note that insurance carriers do not pay for 8-15 mmHg or 15-20 mmHg compression stockings.  The lowest compression grade paid for by insurance companies is 18-30 mmHg which is more commonly seen as 20-30 mmHg from manufacturers.  We will not supply an insurance patient with any compression less than 20-30 mmHg and bill it to their insurance for reimbursement, regardless of what other suppliers may have done for you in the past.

NYSHIP allows a patient to receive up to 4 units (2 pairs) of compression stockings or garments on any given day. This is the maximum allowance one can receive per day. You can, however, receive a 3-month supply per order. We can send you up to 12 units of your compression socks or garments every 3 months if prescribed and medically necessary. This needs to be documented by your prescribing physician.

For us to service you for compression stockings through NYSHIP, The Empire Plan, we will need to gather some information from you ahead of time prior to sending out your first order.  We have a very friendly and helpful staff that is knowledgeable about compression stockings and the criteria for them to be covered by your insurance.

To save some time when speaking with one of our service representatives in our Massapequa office, please have the following information handy.  If you don’t already have this information our customer service team can help you with any questions that you may have.

  1. Please have your Driver’s license or state issued ID and your insurance information available. If Medicare is primary and NYSHIP is secondary, please provide us with both ID#s as we will need to send your insurance claim to Medicare first prior to forwarding it to the Empire Plan.

  2. Please have a valid and recent prescription from your doctor that is recommending you to wear a medical compression garment of no less than 20-30 mmHg. Compression socks and stockings are billed to the insurance carrier as. So, one pair is billed as 2 eaches (units). Your doctor must specify on the RX how many pairs per order and refills they want you to have.

  3. We will also need to receive from your prescribing doctor or any other MD, DO, NP, or PA that is involved in your healthcare and has properly documented your condition that necessitates the use of medical grade compression garments.

  4. If you have used a specific brand and model in the past, we can do our best to accommodate and get you the same item. We supply compression garments from Sigvaris, Medi USA, Jobst, Knit Rite, and Juzo.

  5. If you haven’t been measured in a while, it is a good idea to come to our office to be measured so you have the proper size. This ensures that you get maximum therapeutic benefit from your stockings. If coming to us is not feasible and we will be shipping you the stockings, then you can be measured by your doctor, a family member, or yourself. We recommend a sewing or tailor’s type of tape measure to accurately measure your body parts. We will inform you about what measurements are needed based on what your doctor has prescribed.

  6. Once everything is received and complete, we can send out your first order.

  7. If we are shipping your order, we must get a signed delivery ticket for Proof of Delivery (POD). This allows us to bill the insurance carrier for what was dispensed. The best HIPPA compliant way to get these insurance papers signed is through DocuSign to your email or mobile device. Our customer service team will explain this further when you speak with them.

Please call us at (516) 216-1707 to start the process today. We look forward to serving you.
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