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Foley Catheters

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Are you looking for foley catheters? If so, All American Medical Supply can help. For years, All American Medical Supply has been supplying foley catheters and other medical supplies to patients and doctors throughout the Tri State area.


What is a Foley Catheter?

Unlike intermittent catheters, a Foley Catheter is a sterile tube that can be placed into the bladder to drain urine. The foley catheter is held in the correct position by a balloon at the end that is filled with sterile water to prevent the catheter from moving. Urine is then able to flow from the bladder, through the catheter, and into a bag that can be emptied.

A benefit of foley catheters is they can be used for both short and long periods of time.

Why are Foley Catheters used?

​Foley catheters are used for patients that may not be able to empty their bladder themselves. Some of these reasons a foley catheter may be used include:

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Urinary retention

  • Blocked urine flow

  • Urine monitoring

  • Prostate cancer

  • During or after surgery to help with urine removal

For advice and information on when you should use a catheter, be sure to speak to your doctor.

Foley Catheter Care

​A catheter will usually be inserted by a doctor or nurse. Make sure to follow these simple steps when handling a catheter.

  • Follow the instructions given by your doctor

  • Wash your hands before and after handling a foley catheter

  • Keep the urine collection bag below the level of the bladder

  • Make sure the urine collection bag is not pulling on the catheter

  • Keep the urine collection bag off the floor

  • Don’t block the flow of urine through your catheter

Remember to speak to your doctor before using or purchasing a foley catheter. Every patient’s condition is different and only your doctor can tell you exactly the care that you need.


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