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External Condom Catheters

Purchase External Condom Catheters

Are you looking to purchase external condom catheters on Long Island? If so, All American Medical Supply can help. For years, patients and doctors have been coming to All American Medical Supply to purchase external condom catheters as well as other medical supplies.


What is an external condom catheter?

An external condom catheter is a catheter that can be rolled onto the penis to collect urine. Like a foley catheter, there is a collection bag for urine, however, an external condom catheter is not inserted into the urethra. The catheter is held onto the penis using adhesive.

Why use an external condom catheter?

External condom catheters can be used for males dealing with urinary incontinence. The urine flows through a tube and into a bag that can be emptied.

External Condom Catheter Care

  • External condom catheters are usually used for short periods of time

  • Make sure your penis is free from adhesives or other creams

  • Wash your penis with soap and water and thoroughly dry penis before applying

  • Make sure external condom catheter is the right size

  • Prevent tubing from becoming twisted as this could prevent urine from collecting in the bag

Every patient is different. Speak to your doctor to find out if external condom catheters are right for you.

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At All American Medical Supply, our team of professionals can help you find the right catheter prescribed by your doctor.
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