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Compression Devices

Vive Health - Leg Compression System



  • Improves circulation and blood flow to provide pain relief. Excellent for rehabilitation and pre or post workouts


  • Three compression modes allow for a customizable experience to ensure effectiveness


  • Zippered leg cuffs accommodate leg sizes up to 24” in circumference providing compression massage therapy for the foot, calf and thigh


  • Variable pressure can be set between 30 to 250 mmHg for a personalized experience


  • Gentle compression improves blood circulation and promotes natural healing


  • Includes variable air pump, two full leg sleeves with extra-long air tubes and a wireless remote


Is this a sequential air massager?

  • Yes! The leg compression pump provides sequential compression.

Do the sleeves have zippers or do they slide on like socks?

  • The Vive leg compression fittings use zippers.

What is the maximum leg size?

  • The maximum thigh circumference is 24", the maximum knee circumference is 20" and maximum calf circumference is 17".

How long are the sleeves?

  • The leg sleeves are 35.83” in length.

Does it have different modes?

  • Yes! The leg compression pump features three modes including massage, lymphatic pumping and recovery.

Will it only work with a standard 110v outlet?

  • Yes, the air pump is designed to work with a standard US 110-120v outlet.

Is it possible to regulate the pressure of the pump?

  • Yes, the air pump pressure is adjustable from 30 mmHg to 250 mmHg.

How long is the massage cycle?

  • The pump can be set to one of three treatment sessions, 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Can I buy extension cuffs for the leg sleeves?

  • At this time, extension cuffs are not available.

Will the compression massage boots fit a person less than five feet tall?

  • Yes, the Vive leg compression fittings are sized to fit most adults.

Does the pump come with one or two leg sleeves?

  • The set includes one air pump, two leg sleeves with color-coded hoses and a wireless remote.

Will these work if I have a limited range of motion in my legs?

  • Yes! The leg cuffs are zippered for ease of use.

Does it provide compression to the ankle?

  • Yes, foot and ankle compression are included in each mode.

Does it have a timer?

  • Yes! The pump can be set for 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

How long is the power cord?

  • The power cord is 5’ long.

How long is the air hose from the pump to the sleeves?

  • The hose distance between the air pump and sleeve measures approx. 5’ long.



  • For leg compression therapy


  • 30W Input Voltage : 120V 50HZ


  • Leg cuff: 35.83” x 23.62”

How to Use:

  • For first time use, open filter cover and remove the screw

  • Connect the power cord to a power outlet

  • Securely connect the air hose to both the pump and leg cuffs

  • Insert legs into the leg sleeves zipping each sleeve completely

  • Press the power button

  • Select the mode, pressure and duration on the remote

Care Instructions:

  • Clean cuff with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not submerge in water.

What’s Included:

  • Leg compression pump

  • Two leg cuffs

  • Color-coded air hose

  • Wireless remote

  • 1 Year Guarantee

UPC: 818323020465

Product Number:​ RHB1019

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