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Upper Extremity Bracing

No matter what your needs may be for upper extremity bracing, All American Medical Supply provides the highest quality, brand name equipment on the market. Our highly proficient fitters can assist you with proper brace sizing and fit, while educating you on its use for your specific injury. Whether you have an upcoming surgery, a recent sprain or fracture or your doctor just wants you to have some extra support, we have the right brace for you.  We keep these braces in stock in our Massapequa location.  Feel free to call our office to make an appointment or just walk in.  We will be happy to help.


These braces are available for purchase and most are covered by your insurance with a physician’s prescription.  In most circumstances, you can walk out with the brace the same day.  On occasion it may require for our office to get a prior authorization to get it covered. Every plan is different.  Our staff will handle getting the necessary information from your doctor’s office.

Below is a list of frequently used braces we offer at All American Medical Supply and their indications for use.

Breg Arc 2.0 Shoulder Brace

Breg Arc 2.0.png

With its enhanced design, the Breg Arc 2.0 shoulder brace features an easily adjustable aluminum waistband, preventing migration commonly seen with other brands. This universal sling can fit either right or left sided injuries and includes a unique pistol grip design to prevent forward translation out of the sling. The Breg Arc 2.0 offers an optional underarm strap to relieve pressure on the neck and patients placed in an externally rotated position, increasing patient comfort and satisfaction. 

  • Rotator cuff repairs

  • Bankart and SLAP lesions

  • Shoulder instabilities

  • Post shoulder reconstruction


Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow

Ossur Innovator X Post Op Elbow.png

The Ossur Innovator X Post-op elbow brace features an attractive, user friendly design; with 3-dimensional padding and an easy-to-use adjustable range of motion hinge. Aluminum and Lycra lined cuffs allow for easy customization and patient compliance. The Ossur Innovator X Post-op elbow brace comes complete with a comfortable arm sling: the optional arm bar accessory kit can also be added to provide anti-supination/pronation control. 

  • Stable proximal radius or ulna fractures

  • Post triceps or biceps tendon repair

  • Mild to severe soft tissue injuries

  • Post elbow ligament reconstruction


Ovation Medical Versafit Wrist.png

This brace features soft, comfortable material combined with rigid support to immobilize the wrist, while allowing full range of motion of the fingers. The wide thumb hole allows for unobstructed motion of the web space, as well as enhancement of patient comfort.  

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Soft tissue injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, etc.

  • Support after cast removal


Ovation Medical Versafit Wrist Brace

Ossur Formfit Wrist


The Formfit wrist by Ossur is a lightweight, versatile brace that comes in both 8 inch and 10 inch lengths, allowing it to be used for numerous wrist and forearm injuries. Metal stays can be customized and contoured for the best anatomical fit. 


  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Soft tissue injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, etc.

  • Support after cast removal

Ossur Formfit Wrist Thumb Spica


The Ossur Formfit wrist thumb spica is constructed of the same adaptable material as the Ossur Formfit wrist brace, with the added feature of thumb immobilization. Comfortable and durable, this brace is perfect for restricting motion in both the wrist and thumb to promote the perfect environment for tissue healing. 


  • DeQuervain’s syndrome

  • Gamekeeper’s thumb

  • Mild to moderate sprains and strains of wrist and thumb soft tissue

  • Support after cast removal

Hely and Weber CMC Controller Plus

CMC Controller Plus.png

The low-profile design of the Hely and Weber CMC Controller Plus offers restriction and support for pain relief, without compromising function. Adaptable stays conform to basal joint of the thumb, while the patient assist straps allows for easy, one handed application. Each brace can be conveniently trimmed to suit each hand shape and size.  


  • Carpometacarpal joint (CMC) arthritis


Hely and Weber Kuhl Modabber Thumb Orthosis

The Hely and Weber Kuhl Modabber thumb orthosis is composed of perforated neoprene; designed to wick away moisture from the skin while providing comfortable compression. Removable and interchangeable aluminum and spiral stays allow immobilization of the thumb for pain reduction, as well as protection from further soft tissue injury. The Kuhl Modabber thumb orthosis fits right and left hands and can be easily applied using the wraparound closure. 


  • Thumb ligament sprains and tendon strains

  • Tendonitis

  • CMC joint arthritis of the thumb

  • Functional support post cast removal

If you’re in need of an Upper Extremity brace:
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