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Summit 456 TLSO

The Summit™ 456 TLSO was designed to both aid in promoting a more natural posture and provide a low profile, post-surgical TLSO option. In terms of postural correction, the brace is designed to help re-educate a patients' muscles with the therapeutic goal to return them to a functional mid-range. For patients who do not require the motion restriction of an anterior rigid TLSO, the Summit 456 TLSO is a viable solution post-surgery as well. Because the Summit 456 TLSO is comfortable to wear and easy to don and doff, it also helps improve patient compliance. This brace is available in a one-size adjustable and in the original sized versions.


The Summit 456 serves the dual function of postural restoration as well as acute injury motion restriction. The low profile, yet incredibly supportive, design of the Summit 456 makes it a great post-surgical solution for patients not requiring rigid anterior support. The easily adjustable Summit 456 has the added benefit of providing the support necessary for those patients suffering from chronic postural conditions.



  • Motion restriction for patients with compression fractures of the thoracic spine

  • Targeted compression designed to alleviate pain from herniated or degenerative discs in the thoracic spine

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