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Medical Supply Rentals

When it comes to renting medical equipment on Long Island, you’ve come to the right place. All American Medical Supply provides a variety of medical equipment rentals to suit your needs.


Why buy when you can rent?

For individuals who only need equipment for a short time, purchasing can be an unnecessary, and costly expense. We usually recommend renting in situations where you will need the equipment for a duration of less than three months. Below you will find a list of our rental pricing for select items.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us, or contact us online.
Pickup In-Store only.    Rx Required for this item due to the compression feature.

Breg Polar Care Wave – Weekly $40.00, Monthly $125.00

Knee Compression Pad or Shoulder Compression Pad must be purchased at the time of rental for $90.00.

Polar Care Wave. The home advantage for cold and compression.

Polar Care Wave combines motorized cold therapy with active compression in a simple and compact system, making it ideal for facility and home use.

Polar Care Wave is designed to reduce pain and edema to optimize patient recovery.

Pickup In-Store only.
Ossur Cold Rush Image 1.webp

Ossur Cold Rush Ice Unit – Weekly $40.00, Monthly $100.00

For cold therapy pain relief, as needed. Consistent cooling and excellent compression, even at high elevation.

Cuff must be purchased separately for $75.00.

Pickup In-Store only.

Hip Chair – Weekly $40.00, Monthly $100.00

Our hip chairs are designed specifically for post-operative recovery.

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