Knee Braces

There are many different knee braces available for all of the different knee conditions. Deciding which knee brace is most appropriate for your problem is best left up to your orthopedic physician or physical therapist. At All American Medical Supply Corp. we take direction from your healthcare provider and fit you in our office with the proper brace for your knee condition. You may find that other suppliers will “mail” you a brace and bill your insurance. We don’t recommend that because oftentimes they don’t fit and you end up receiving an expensive brace that you cant wear.

We have knee braces for osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, patello-femoral pain, and pre/post-operative knee braces with range of motion control. We keep an inventory of these braces at our Massapequa location so we can usually service you the same day.

If your knee is abnormally sized or deformed from osteoarthritis, it is likely that your knee brace will require custom fabrication and fitting. We have a certified orthotist on staff that can take a cast mold of your knee and have a knee brace made that fits like it should.

Give us a call or stop by our Massapequa location for educational information on what is available.