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Hip Bracing & Supports

Supplier of Hip Braces and Hip Supports

When it comes to Hip Braces and Hip Supports, All American Medical Supply of Long Island, NY offers a variety of Hip replacement products. Our expert staff can help you find the right product for your Hip replacement recovery. Hip Braces are used to treat hip dysplasia, hip surgery and those who need to improve their hip alignment.

DonJoy X-Act™ ROM Hip orthosis


DonJoy X-Act™ ROM Hip orthosis is designed to provide precise protection and support post-operatively for patients following various hip procedures. The X-Act ROM Hip Brace includes a Compression Belt with a dual pull-tab system that is simple for the patient to tighten and provides support to the lower back. Our Three Point Design helps push the femoral head into the acetabulum to minimize dislocation.

Features & Benefits

  • Compression Belt Designed to provide lower back support following surgery

  • Protects the hip joint by providing stability and limited range of motion following surgical procedures

  • Virtual joint is easily set to control or limit hip flexion, extension, adduction and abduction

  • Universal sizing: for right or left and one size fits most

  • Easily customized to provide an exact fit

  • Provides a lightweight alternative to some other hip orthoses

  • Laterally placed abduction paddle is designed to maintain the head of the femur in the acetabulum

If you’re in need of Hip Bracing & Supports:
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