Frequently Asked Catheters Questions

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Frequently Asked Catheter Questions by All American Medical Supply

I’m Not Happy With My Current Catheter Supplier, And I Have A Doctor’s Appointment Soon?

We tend to hear this more often than not. Sometimes it’s not the fault of your supplier but an insurance restriction that makes it look like the supplier is to blame. This is often unavoidable. Other times it may be poor customer service from the supplier.

We are here to help you get your Catheter supplies either way. Give us a call at (516) 216-1707 and we will help you get started. For your convenience we have created an easy-to-use order form you can bring to your physician on your next visit. Just click on the link below and print out the form. Have your doctor fill it out and fax it to us. We will take care of the rest!

Have A Doctor’s Appointment Soon?

For your convenience we have created an easy-to-use order form you can bring to your physician on the next visit. Just print out the form found below, have your doctor fill it out, and then fax it back to us. We will take care of the rest!

All American Medical Supply Corp Catheter Order Form

So My Doctor Wants Me To Start Catheterizing, Now What?

Once your physician has instructed you to begin catheterizing, and written a prescription all you need to do is call us. Once we have obtained some basic information, and your prescription we will qualify your insurance benefits to make sure you’re covered for these items.

What Catheter Supplies Am I Eligible For Through Medicare?

For Intermittent Catheters: Medicare allows up to 200 intermittent catheters and lubricant packets per month.

For Foley (Indwelling) Catheters: Medicare allows one (1) Foley catheter, one (1) insertion kit, two (2) leg drainage bags, and two (2) bedside drainage bags per month

For External Condom Catheters: Medicare allows up to 35 External Catheters per month, two (2) leg drainage bags, and two (2) bedside drainage bags per month.

Will Medicare/Medicaid Cover My Catheter Supplies?

Medicare covers up to 200 intermittent catheters per month. They pay 80% of the cost. Your secondary or supplemental should cover the other 20% of the cost. Deductibles and coinsurance may apply in some cases. You can be assured that we will let you know of any potential out of pocket expenses prior to delivering your catheters.

*Important* – Medicare will not cover any Urological Supplies while a patient is in a Skilled Nursing Facility such as a hospital or rehabilitation facility. They also will not cover your supplies during any Home Health Episode where you have an agency providing nursing care, a home health aide or rehab in your home. During that period, the facility or the agency is responsible for providing these supplies.

Once that home health episode is over, we can begin or resume supplying you with your Catheter Supplies.

Will My Private Insurance, Medicare or Managed Care Insurance Company Cover My Supplies?

We are contracted with many private and commercial insurance carriers. Once we have all of your information we can qualify your benefits and let you know of your eligibility, and any potential out of pocket expenses.

How Quickly Can I Get My Supplies?

We keep a large inventory of catheters on hand in our Massapequa location. If we get your order early enough in the day, and you’re local to us, we could potentially deliver them to you the same day.

Most of our catheter customers receive their catheter delivery within one to two business days.

How Will My Catheters Be Delivered?

If you’re local to our Massapequa location, you can either pick them up here or we can deliver them directly to your home. If we are not able to do so, your catheters will be delivered discreetly by FedEx or UPS. Medicare does require an adult signature for each catheter delivery being billed to insurance. FedEx or UPS will ring your doorbell to hand you your package and get the required signature. If it is not possible for you to be home for your catheter supply delivery, we can make other arrangements. Please contact your dedicated All American Medical Supply Corp catheter representative.

What If I’m Not Home When FedEx Arrives?

If you are not home when FedEx tries to deliver, they will return the next day for up to three consecutive business days. We will notify you on which day to expect them. If this is inconvenient for you please notify your assigned Catheter Care Representative.

If You Have Any Questions That Were Not Answered Here, Please Call A Catheter Customer Service Representative at (516) 216- 1707.