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Hospital Beds On Long Island

Providing Hospital Beds in Nassau and Suffolk County

All American Medical Supply is your number one choice for Hospital Beds on Long Island. We carry a variety of hospital beds to choose from. For over 10 years we have been providing residents of Nassau and Suffolk County with hospital bed accessories and bedding products to suit our clients needs.

There is a number of factors to look at when choosing the right hospital bed.  When purchasing a bed consider the following: Accessibility, cost and performance as well as comfort.

Types Of Hospital Beds

All American Medical Supply currently carries Invacare Full Electric Hospital Beds. However it is good to know the types of options you have. Depending on your living situation, condition and finances we can easily help you find any type of hospital bed to fit your need.

  • A Full Electric Bed is ideal if you’re searching for a bed that can be remotely controlled with the click of a button. Full electric beds are recommended for those who do not have a caregiver present. A full electric bed allows for adjusting the height to make getting in and out of bed easier, as well as providing a number of options to raise and lower the bed when eating, reading, sitting up and needing to stretch your legs for better blood flow.
  • Semi-Electric Bed is great for those with a part time caregiver. This bed features two motors to raise the head and feet of the bed. The semi-electric bed is cost effective and still provides mobility and comfort.

Hospital Beds are covered by Medicare. Since this is a contracted Medicare item we are not able to supply this item through Medicare, Medicaid or any Health insurance carrier. It is important for you to know that there are suppliers in the area that can rent you a bed through Medicare, but keep in mind it will be a semi-electric and used. The mattress provided is very basic and not comfortable. It also may be used.
We do not rent Home Care Hospital beds. We only sell new beds and we recommend the following beds and items listed below. Click the links for information and specifications on the beds. Call us for more details and pricing. All pricing given includes set up and delivery and there is no sales tax in New York State on these items.

Invacare Full-Electric Homecare Bed

Convenient for both the user and caregiver to adjust body position and bed height.

Product Description
Users and caregivers can easily adjust body position and bed height with intuitive hand pendant. Maintenance is easy with color-coded junction box connections. Interchangeable bed ends reduce inventory and are washable with standard water pressure.


  • Durable panels are impact and scratch-resistant and washable for easy cleaning
  • Rubber casters are non-marring
  • Ergonomic hand pendant features heavy-duty, strain-relief cord
  • Convenient access to emergency manual crank for peace of mind
  • Waterproof enclosures on motor system for easy cleaning