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Aspen OTS Lumbar 642

The Aspen OTS™ Lumbar 642 features the lowest profile design within the Aspen OTS line. This one-size adjustable, inelastic brace offers a clinically-tested technology for patients experiencing low back muscle spasms causing pain. As a non-narcotic, non-invasive treatment solution, it combines the needed level of support coupled with direct independent compression to promote effective trunk stability, enabling patients to regain activities of daily living. Comfortably fits waist sizes ranging from 28-54 inches, and up to 64 inches with Universal Extension Panel.

The Aspen OTS Lumbar 642 features a low profile design with a firm, yet flexible, back panel that confirms to the natural curvature of the patient’s lower back to provide structural support. The targeted independent tightening mechanism supports fatigued muscles and reduces pain, allowing patients to resume an active lifestyle.


  • Lowest profile brace allows for decreased pain from lower back muscle spasm

  • Flexible support provides stability and offloads pressure on lumbar discs

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