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Aspen Active P-TLSO

The Aspen Active™ Postural-TLSO is a lightweight, adjustable brace designed to address the symptoms associated with poor posture often due to prolonged use of electronic devices/technology. While actively influencing a patient’s posture, the brace provides gentle support while activating postural stabilizing muscles. This product helps train the body to hold neutral posture by concurrently stretching and strengthening the structures that have become tight and deconditioned over time due to poor posture.


The ever-increasing use of popular electronics and technology has lead to an equally swift increase in the development of poor posture and related upper back pain. The Aspen Active Postural-TLSO is both adjustable and lightweight, and specifically designed to improve a patient’s posture by activating key muscles that support and stabilize the spine. This product provides vital positional feedback to allow our bodies to adapt to holding a neutral spine; critical to having a pain-free, healthy back.



  • Improves posture and combats the effects of rounded shoulders

  • Gently stretches and strengthens tight and deconditioned muscles

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